Leftovers are plentiful during a shiva and the days after someone passes away. People want to express their support by sending the family food.  Here’s a few tips on how to manage all of it.

  • Make sure you have enough reusable containers and Ziploc bags to manage the leftovers.
  • Clean out the freezer so you have enough space. You can also ask a neighbour if they wouldn’t mind storing a few things in their freezer for you. Remember that people are looking for ways to help you during this time.
  • Let food completely cool before putting it in the freezer. If freezing in a Ziploc bag, make sure to remove all the air before freezing.
  • Don’t re-freeze thawed food.
  • If you can use the leftovers in the next few days, leave them in the fridge.
  • Use a permanent marker to label the container with the name of the dish, the date it was received and who brought it. Your fridge becomes a communal fridge for the week of the shiva so it is important that anyone can go into the fridge and figure out what it is inside each container.
  • Donate the extra food to a local shelter who will accept perishable food.
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