Some Protestant families recognize funerals as opportunities to celebrate the life of the deceased, while others see it as a more somber event. Take your cues from others around you. 

  • Funerals are usually held in a church or in a funeral home. It is customary to wear dark colours and semi-formal attire to a funeral. Men should opt for a suit, and women should wear a conservative dress that covers the knees and shoulders, or a pantsuit. Avoid flashy jewelry. 
  • In some cases, guests may be ushered to their seats or take their seats themselves. If you arrive after the service has begun, it may be disrespectful to enter. 
  • If you do not observe the same faith as the bereaved, you should not feel obligated to fully partake in prayers, your presence alone is what is important.  
  • In some cases, graveside services are open to all, while in others, they are limited to family members of the deceased. If only family will be attending, you can support them with flowers, a charitable donation in the name of the deceased, or a card. 
  • Family and friends will often gather after the funeral to remember the deceased. This will either take place in the funeral home or a family member’s house. These gatherings are mostly informal and will often involve a meal. 
  • There are many ways to show your support to the family:
    • Attend the funeral or visitation
    • Send flowers
    • Send a donation in memory of the person who passed away
    • Bring a meal over to the family.  It can be shortly after the passing or even a couple of weeks later as the grieving process continues and they will need your support.


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