Goal setting involves KPIs, metrics for the business you are managing, key projects and the like.  Driving increased revenue, profit, share. Launching new products, achieving key milestones on projects.  We also include personal leadership goals such as drive for results, dealing with ambiguity, etc. However, what we often do not include are the softer goals - how we show up at work and interact with people everyday.  These aren’t measured or tracked in our performance reviews, but making goals that involve HOW you interact with people are just as important as the other goals in driving both your success at work and your happiness, engagement and fulfillment.

Here are a few ideas to consider when thinking about your 2020 goals:

  • You probably arrive at work at approximately the same time everyday and see the same people who arrive at the time you do.  When you say good morning and how are you as you pass them, pause for a minute to wait for that person to respond rather than rush to your desk right away.
  • Make an effort to have lunch once a week away from your desk and ask a colleague to join you.
  • Grab a seat upfront when you attend a larger meeting.  Make eye contact with the presenter and smile. Everyone gets nervous while presenting, no matter how junior or senior they are.  Be that friendly face in the audience to support them.
  • In a meeting where the lead asks questions to the group, raise your hand and ask a question if there is silence - don’t leave them hanging!  Often the ice just needs to be broken and after the first question is posed, the conversation will flow from there. Be brave!
  • If you know that someone at work is going through a difficult time in either their personal lives or at work, privately reach out to them to offer your ear and support.
  • When you disagree with a POV in a meeting or interaction with a colleague, be passionate, but not personal.  Stick to the facts to make your point and be respectful.
  • During a meeting or presentation put your phone away and pay attention to the speaker!  Avoid multi-tasking and checking your phone - you may think that people won’t notice, but they do.  If something is urgent that you’re waiting for, tell the lead of the meeting beforehand that you may need to excuse yourself during the meeting.  That’s respect.
  • Say hi to the support staff in the office when you encounter them - the maintenance people, cafeteria workers, security guards.  It will make you smile more throughout your day!


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