If the family who is grieving observes halal, don’t be intimidated and not send in anything because you’re not sure what to do.  It’s easy when you understand basic guidelines and there are plenty of halal restaurants to order meals from.  Here is a rundown of the things you need to know.

For a Halal Family:

  • Halal is similar to kosher laws but they are not the same. Both forbid the consumption of pork and blood of animals.
  • While pork is completely forbidden, all other animals are allowed to be consumed but must be slaughtered in a specific way to be considered ‘halal’. Meat and chicken that is halal certified is labelled on the package or can be purchased at a halal butcher or a store that sells halal certified meat.
  • Alcohol is also prohibited from being consumed.
  • Many stores sell foods that are halal. If you know the house you are visiting only consumes halal food, play it safe and purchase the meal from one of these stores. You are then not putting the family in a position where they will potentially be uncomfortable accepting your kind gesture.
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