When we hear that someone we know is ill, our immediate reaction is to feel sad, shock, wanting to reach out to them.  But then after a few moments we often second guess ourselves about reaching out. We don’t want to bother them or intrude - we may think they have other people closer to them that will be helping, it’s not our place.  This is especially true when the person is not a close relative or friend but rather a neighbor, or an acquaintance in your community. You feel that you are not in their inner circle and should therefore stand back and not ‘bother’ them. 

Don’t let your inner voice convince you that you shouldn’t reach out.  In these cases, it is just the opposite. When someone is ill or has a family member who is, hearing from people that are unexpected can bring a little sunshine into their day.  They will be so touched that you took the effort to think of them and reach out.  

Here are 5 unobtrusive ways you can show that person you care and are thinking of them:

  1. Reach out with a personalized note - either through a text, email or other messaging app.  You could say “I know you’re going through a hard time and I just want to let you know I’m thinking of you and I’m here for you.”
  2. Write a note in a beautiful or cute greeting card and mail it to their home.  Or email them an e-greeting card.
  3. Send flowers or a gift basket with a note “hope this brightens your day a little”.  
  4. Send a gift card for an online retailer so they can order what they wish, such as a book, music, etc.
  5. Mail or email them a gift card to a local restaurant so they can order in dinner when they need it.

Always remember that showing your support will mean so much to the recipient, especially when it’s coming from someone unexpected.  It’s just that little bit extra special.


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