About Caring Organizer

by Robert Stojkov

Caring Organizer helps to inspire and mobilize people to reach out and help people in their communities during the most difficult times. At our heart, we are a service that provides the tips and tools to be supportive in the most efficient and compassionate way. In times of loss and illness, there are a plethora of practical ‘to dos’ that the family needs, alongside emotional support. Caring Organizer was born out of the desire to assist people with those very tangible things that can be easily taken care of with the right tools and support. 

Whether someone is ill, recovering from a surgery, or a loved one has passed away, the CaringOrganizer meal scheduling tool removes the stress of trying to figure out how to help in times of crisis or loss. In addition, the ShivaOrganizer tool lets you organize a meal schedule for the Jewish period of mourning. With each of these tools, you can use this free resource from any city, anywhere!

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We believe in the human spirit. WE BELIEVE IN BEING KIND.

Being kind is more than just doing the right thing. It is about doing the right thing, at the right time, in a way that is the most MEANINGFUL to the recipient.

Show kindness at every opportunity. These opportunities are not just for someone else; they are for YOU too. 

Life sometimes throws us some pretty painful stuff. Be there for your community, your people, and support them. Stand beside them, even when it is uncomfortable.

We believe in being BRAVE. Put yourself out there. Don’t stand on the sidelines. Sometimes the best help is the kind that wasn’t asked for.

Be proactive. Sometimes your actions can become another person’s strength, their light to see the way forward. We all have something to give – big or small. And sometimes the smallest gesture can have the greatest impact.


Founder & CEO Elisa Udaskin

Elisa grew up in a household where being compassionate and supporting the community in both good times and bad were tantamount to her upbringing. On any given weekend, she and her brothers were being shuttled to a shiva, visitation or a community event. From a very young age, she had no choice but to get comfortable with situations that instinctively make us uncomfortable. Her parents were shining examples of rolling up your sleeves and helping out, getting over one’s own personal discomfort and supporting loved ones in the most difficult times. That was one of the many gifts they gave to her.

It was two recent events though that were the springboard to Elisa creating Caring Organizer™. Both her father-in-law and friend died within weeks of each other. When her father-in-law passed away she naturally took on the role of the organizer: managing the meals, fielding questions and phone calls, ensuring that there were enough supplies for the period of mourning, and of course dealing with her own grief. She very quickly got overwhelmed and realized that there was an opportunity to make this easier for people, regardless of their cultural practices or religion.

After 20 years in the corporate world Elisa decided to use her experience in marketing and global leadership to solving this unmet need she identified of mobilizing people to help others in times of loss. She is a natural organizer and found that developing Caring Organizer was an excellent way to leverage her skills to help people. Her hope is that similar to the gift that her parents gave to her as a young child, she too can show people how to truly make a difference in someone’s life and how putting ourselves out there always brings with it tremendous reward.